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Katie of The Small Things Blog: Her messy bun. Note: This is a screen shot.

It’s time for another post, which makes me very excited!

In the last few weeks I went through what I think was some kind of phase. I don’t know what kind, but it was something. It started when I was sick in bed in December with the flu in somewhat of a delirious state (I know many many people who can relate with the nasty flu this last season). I pondered things that I normally wouldn’t give much time. The messy bun was one of those things.

I went to YouTube to research how to make a messy bun. If you’re my age or older (57), you might think I’m referring to baking, like a sticky bun. But no, I’m talking about that cute hairstyle that I see a lot of younger gals wear. As I get older, I’m constantly wondering at what age I need to stop doing this or that. That might be a post for another time. The style looks like they just pulled their hair back hapharzardly, yet there’s something up with it, because even though it looks haphazard, it looks darling! I’d tried on and off for about a year, but on me, it was only looking haphazard, not at all darling. It would look either too messy or too perfect. I felt like my messy buns were too messy, like I’d just rolled out of bed, or the perfect buns made me look like the old fashioned stereotypical librarian.

I’ve never had a talent for doing fun things with hair. When Bridgette was growing up, a pony tail and pigtails was the extent of my hair skills. Anything outside of that, I’d send Bridgette to a friend’s skilled hands where whipping up French braids was like me parallel parking (a skill I proudly possess). I’m sure Bridgette was envious of a few classmates who arrived coiffed as if it were Picture Day, every day.

So, I had no idea how to begin a proper messy bun, until I learned it from YouTube and The Small Things Blog.

This gal (Katie) is so cute, and then she’s not. She puts herself out there before makeup and looks like a lot of us do before anyone sees us. Katie’s probably less than half my age, so I’ve wondered (again) if I should do a little more digging for a more age appropriate resource. But this isn’t something I’m wanting to spend a lot of time on, so I’ve made her my Go To resource for make up and hair. I think I can get away with this at 57, but there will probably be a corner I turn when I need to look elsewhere. But honestly, by that time I may not be compelled to look up anything about my hair or makeup on YouTube, unless I’m delirious in bed with the flu again!

I called this a phase because I didn’t stop at a messy bun.

Katie from The Small Things Blog seduced me with headlines like, Fresh in Fifteen, and My 3 Minute Face! In a couple of videos she’s referred to her lack of eye brows. I thought this issue was just for aging women, but I guess not! I wrote a silly post a year or so ago about losing my eyebrows (before this blog was made public), so it’s been an issue for some time. For more reasons than one, Katie struck a chord with me and I followed her advice. After 5 years of my Mary Kay leftovers (I do like Mary Kay) I indulged in some new products for hair and makeup.

When a friend from work recently commented on my makeup and hair I told her, “I just do what Katie tells me to do.” I like what she does and I think most people who need some guidance or a fresh look could follow my example. Just do what Katie does!

I have one more little tip to share with you. It has nothing to do with makeup and hair. I listen to a lot of books and podcasts. I do it when I’m cleaning or doing yard work, and every morning I listen to the bible on my YouVersion bible app. I love this app for so many reasons.

At Christmas time I asked the kids what kind of wireless ear buds I should get. The wires are always getting in my way. The kids made a suggestion or two, but their suggestions were spendy (like over $100) and I wasn’t up for that upgrade. My new makeup and hair products were a priority. A week or so later I saw a product at Office Depot that claimed to be Bluetooth wireless headphones, for $9.99.

These wireless earbuds for $9.99 at Office Depot do the trick!

I bought them, and they are just fine! They even include a microphone. I’m not going to claim they’re perfect. The $100 kind might make me a little happier, but truly, these ByTech earbuds are better than the wires getting in the way of my trowel or the toilet brush, and I think these are perfect for someone who wants to reduce their expenses, listen to books and podcasts, and multitask with a phone call too!

Enjoy your week. Try something new!