Pre – 2018

All of my Pre-2018 entries are from the previous few years. I’ve included them as a bank of history for me more than anything else.

I get to meet someone on Saturday who may be able to help me with this site. I’ll be so glad. I can hardly stand not being able to make this site what I want it to be. I’m sure I could figure it out, but it would mean giving it all of my attention, […]

I’ve often heard people say, “No one is immune from hardship; everyone has a story.” That is true. Everyone experiences loss of some kind: job loss, divorce, betrayal, death. But it’s also true that some people experience greater loss or heartache than others, loss that one could call, “unreasonable.”  A victim of sex trafficking faces […]

I love podcasts. I love finding something uplifting to listen to while I’m walking the dogs, or working out or applying my make up. This morning I remembered that I’d missed church on Sunday, so I went to Beaverton Foursquare’s site and found: Marriage: It’s Complicated. One might think that the message would only benefit […]

Girls’ Conference at Beaverton Foursquare. I really love to volunteer my time and gifts. I don’t know now many gifts I have, but I do have a heart for girls.  I love to pray with them and encourage them.  I’d like to share with them every mistake I’ve made and protect them from making the […]

Bo Stern’s Blog features her blog post “Why We’re Desperate for Good Dads.” I read her post and liked it a lot. I wanted to share it with the world, or at least on FB.  But I find myself hesitant to share random thoughts or things I like on FB, out of concern it will […]

It’s been three weeks since I’ve posted. It’s usually because it’s competing with putting a meal on the table (or other important things) or my experiences have been too intimate for me to share.  In the last three weeks, both have been true.  I write blog posts in my head that never get published.  When […]

I will never ever win an award with my baking or cake decorating. But my kids don’t like to do birthdays with anything but a boxed Duncan Hines chocolate cake with canned frosting.  Our tradition is that we eat it for breakfast. That’s gotten harder as kids have gotten older and our schedules are more […]