Pre – 2018

All of my Pre-2018 entries are from the previous few years. I’ve included them as a bank of history for me more than anything else.

The new doggie set up looks good to me. Now, I have to convince them of why it’s more appealing to be in a cold garage than inside a warm house. Hopefully the appeal will be that their kennel, doggie bed, food, water, access to the outside whenever they choose (no waiting for their human […]

I’m not quite ready to show you a decorated house, because a decorated house isn’t quite done. However, take a look at my garage! Next up: Doggie Door is installed today.  Much of the impetus in having an organized garage is to create a home in the garage for the dogs while I am away. […]

This weekend was a Christmas weekend in every sense.  Bridgette and I got to go downtown and watch the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  Unfortunately, Bradley wasn’t with us (he was with his dad), but we had fun singing Christmas carols, loudly, with our friends we met down there, we drank a Starbucks Red Cup holiday […]

Yesterday morning started at 5am when I entered my post for this blog.  Then Bridgette and went on a walk, got a coffee, and hustled ourselves to get to a Thanksgiving church service at 9:30, while Bradley played football with some classmates.  It was a great beginning for me.  Our church service moved us to […]

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It’s complete with good food and good bad food (meaning, some is nutritious, some is downright bad for us, but I love it). It’s without the pressures that we’ve come to know around celebrating Christmas. I twinge a bit when I hear myself pronounce that Thanksgiving wins over Christmas. Under […]

There are days that are productive, but the result doesn’t feel fruitful. Maybe like a farmer preparing the soil for the seed. There’s  little satisfaction for me until the seed sprouts.  I’ve been preparing for the crop to harvest since August 23rd. There have huge been steps along the way that have given me hope.  […]

It’s 11/14/14 and it’s been 14 days since I last posted. The number 14 has no significance to me, and there was no intention in not posting 14 days from the time I last posted. My lack of posts is my very challenging attempt to stay focused. I so want my home to be simplified […]