Pre – 2018

All of my Pre-2018 entries are from the previous few years. I’ve included them as a bank of history for me more than anything else.

Christmas Eve. It’s all drawing to a close. Like the end of summer, I will the season to last longer. Yet, I know what often makes something special is the absence of it. I love the seasons and the fresh perspective that each season brings to my life. I don’t want sunshine 365 days a […]

Before I get to the job interview (Believe me, I’m not stalling. There’s just a lot going on!), A Merry Hour it was!  Last night we had a great time in the spirit of the holidays eating, talking, drinking, and barking. My dogs wouldn’t be left out, and above the laughs and Christmas music, I […]

Merry Hour, as defined by Joni Frances (Thurber): The term used during the Christmas holiday season to define what is typically called “happy hour.” Isn’t that cute?  I’m not saying I’m the first person to coin this phrase, but I’ve never heard it before, so I’m going to claim it. So, I’ve been sick, in […]

One night a friend called to tell me that she had a friend, who was also her insurance agent, who would be adding to his team in the capacity of a Customer Service Representative.  I love this friend and trust her. I know instinctively based on who she is and our relationship, that her words […]

Two nights ago I picked Bridgette up from OSU. What is normally a 1 1/2 hour drive took three hours, due to the wind storm that caused power outages and damage. This picture below was/is a tree in my friend’s yard. On her way home from work she got a call from her son, “Mom, […]

In Each Day a New Cup, I referred to a conversation I had with a fellow mom at the club a few days ago.  Going through a divorce, she commented that she is hopeful, because of people like me, who have blazed the trail before her. I thought a lot about our conversation and her […]

The great thing about these mugs is that I recall many of them.  Who gave them to me, the time of my life, etc. My blog of December 3rd ended with a hope that I’d be getting up at 5 (or 5:30) to work out.  Lest you think I’m a rockstar, let me come clean. I’m […]