Food For Thought

This is an area where I can say I’m an expert. This and parallel parking (thanks to my job in Portland, right out of high school, as a gopher). Our family has been on the Eating Disorder road for about six years. What started out as foreign territory is now familiar territory. It’s not to say that I’ve mastered all the ins and outs of an eating disorder. But I understand much of the psychology of it and am comfortable walking this road. That’s not to be confused with liking this road. The road to recovery has been long and hard. It’s meant sacrifice, betrayal, menu planning and reviews, a change in cooking, unwelcomed but necessary accountability, an abnormal college life, and so many things that have caused heartache. But with joy and relief, I’m happy to report that as of November 2017, Bridgette is considered weight restored. Her medical team (her dietician, psychiatrist, and therapist) are celebrating her wellness and Bridgette is living a good life in college without the interruptions that became so common over the last few years. Here I will share some of our past experiences as they come to mind, and possibly current thoughts. An eating disorder isn’t like a broken arm, so as a mom I will stay vigilant and may be able to share on that end. I hope you will contact me if you identify an area where I can help you. Here’s the link to Bridgette’s blog that she began a few years ago. This was incredibly helpful as she processed her experience. It’s also a good reminder to her of where she once was. There are times when I suggest that she read it herself!  Click here to read more.

Bridgette posted a new blog on her site the other day that I’m so excited to share. I will let her post speak for itself, but above all, it gives hope to anyone who is suffering from an eating disorder, and encourages anyone who suffers with mental illness. Bridgette and Goliath

There aren’t many opportunities for me to write about eating disorders these days. The day-to-day pre-occupation that clouded my days are gone. There was a time that I didn’t even fantasize about a time like this. I hoped and worked toward Bridgette’s full recovery, but I discovered early on that there were no quick fixes. […]