I love love love to talk about Parenting.  To explore ideas about growing well adjusted contributing citizens to our families, our communities, and ultimately to our world invigorates me. Raising a child is about much more than food, shelter, whether they smoke or whether they have sex before marriage. Their development goes deeper than rules, yet the rules provide structure that affects their quality of life (and yours!).  We’re all different, our families are unique, our communities and the culture in which we live are unique, and there is no easy formula. However, there are some basics that we can probably all agree send our children in the right direction. I think the most basic factor is that we love our children, and that is evidenced by our commitment to them.

I have two children who I love to pieces. One is Bradley and the other is Bridgette. Bradley is 19 and a freshman in college. He’s getting to play football which is incredibly satisfying for both of us. Bridgette is 21 and is a senior in college. She works for the gymnastics team, has a great group of friends, and is enjoying college and life. Both kids love Jesus and I consistently praise God for his presence in their lives.

I’ve made lots of mistakes as I’ve navigated the responsibility of parenting. I still question my tactics and while my efforts have been stellar, the outcome isn’t always what I’d hoped. It’s been complicated by curve balls that hit me hard. Bradley was a strong willed child (and someone doesn’t become unstrong willed because they are an adult). Bridgette’s eating disorder began when she was 15.  Managing these things during a tumultuous few years following my divorce added to the complexities. I’ve discovered that ultimately, my commitment to them which was steeped deep in prayer has helped them more than any one thing I’ve done right or wrong.

Here’s to Bridgette and Bradley. They are my most precious treasures.

This Thanksgiving was so different, but no different. While Covid was a component, it wasn’t the culprit. The holidays are not my favorite time of year. In fact, they’re my least favorite, which seems almost sacrilegious, especially because, I am religious. Not only am I religious, but Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday. Tired […]

During my talk with Bridgette this afternoon I discovered that this week is NEDA’s awareness week. NEDA stands for National Eating Disorders Association. For several years, I knew almost instinctually when it was NEDA awareness week. I discovered it during conversations at the hospital, or one of Bridgette’s providers might have mentioned it, or because […]

I know it’s a week late for this, but since my job isn’t a beat reporter, you can bet my current affairs will always be a day late, which is in keeping with me, because I’m always a dollar short! I’m enjoying the idea of an extra day off with our inclement weather, yet as […]

I’m on a vacation that I’ve named, largely in part to remind me why I’m spending a few hundred dollars by myself and enjoying it. A purpose gives me some justification that eases my spirit if I begin to feel anxious about the money. Gosh, maybe I should keep my receipts. If my writing miraculously […]

This is a harder post to read than some others. Under my tab “Hard Stuff” I wonder if I have the courage to write about the hard things. I’m learning. I always hope I can write a message of encouragement. It’s a skill I’m working on. To be able to right the miracle of my […]