Hard Stuff

This is the inside of the lemon, like taking a big bite that you might want to spit out.  I may hesitate, anticipating the severe flavor, uncertain if I’m up for the challenge. The hard stuff is there, but will I share it? We’ll see if I have the courage to take that bite!

This is a harder post to read than some others. Under my tab “Hard Stuff” I wonder if I have the courage to write about the hard things. I’m learning. I always hope I can write a message of encouragement. It’s a skill I’m working on. To be able to right the miracle of my […]

This last weekend was exceptional, except for when it wasn’t. Saturday was a day I wouldn’t trade for anything, but most of Sunday I would give back. I’d worked hard on Saturday so I could budget time for reading and writing on Sunday afternoon, but my refrigerator decided to demand my attention instead. On Saturday, […]

I rummaged around in my purse, looking for my lip gloss. I wanted a specific one. The one I layer on to another specific one, Urban Decay’s Morning After. The second one I apply is in a long rectangular plastic tube. I have lots of lipsticks in all shapes and colors in my purse. When […]

Write with intent. That’s what I learned tonight as I read the six pages that I allowed myself from Marion Roach Smith’s book called The Memoir Project. Marion was addressing “writer’s block,” which is exactly what I’ve been experiencing this week.  Not because I have nothing to write, but because I have too many things […]

  Last week our pastor spoke on the topic of cultivating kindness. The sermon on February 4th was on cultivating patience. Christian or not, churchgoing or not, I think most people would agree that we could all use not only a reminder that we need to improve in the areas of kindness and patience, but […]