Hard Stuff

This is the inside of the lemon, like taking a big bite that you might want to spit out.  I may hesitate, anticipating the severe flavor, uncertain if I’m up for the challenge. The hard stuff is there, but will I share it? We’ll see if I have the courage to take that bite!

This has been a whirlwind week at work and personally. On Tuesday I turned F I F T Y N I N E years old. I don’t really know how to wrap my head around this truth and am one of those people who would like to remain in denial about my advancing age. My […]

First, I must say: Go Portland Trail Blazers; Yea, Tiger Woods! Today was a great Sunday. I love my church. I love to go to church. But some days I need to not go anywhere, and today was a great day to make that choice. I worked at home while I watched Tiger Woods win […]

Yesterday morning gratitude hit me right in the eyes, literally. My contacts weren’t working right. My left eye was either blurry or clear, depending on whether I had my glasses on or off, while my right eye did the same thing, but opposite of the other. I was frustrated as I scrambled and then aborted […]

Part 2 has been delayed because I don’t know what to say about this dog. Part 1 left me at the mercy of an imaginary judge who would put me in the slammer for considering giving this dog up. But maybe I could make an appeal and get a new judge who doesn’t own a […]

I was at the beach for three days with this dog, Winky. I inherited him. And it wasn’t the kind of inherited like, “Oh boy, I get the house, the car, and the dog!” He was just part of my family package at some point. Yet, I am solely responsible for acquiring him. We got […]

This phrase pops up in my mind a lot. The “If I can, you can” part.  I don’t like that it does. I feel arrogant, like I know what people are capable of and I get to decide who has capacity and who doesn’t. So, it’s with sensitivity that I share this. I don’t want […]

I’m on a vacation that I’ve named, largely in part to remind me why I’m spending a few hundred dollars by myself and enjoying it. A purpose gives me some justification that eases my spirit if I begin to feel anxious about the money. Gosh, maybe I should keep my receipts. If my writing miraculously […]