Hard Stuff

This is the inside of the lemon, like taking a big bite that you might want to spit out.  I may hesitate, anticipating the severe flavor, uncertain if I’m up for the challenge. The hard stuff is there, but will I share it? We’ll see if I have the courage to take that bite!

I love being a girl. In a time when we celebrate everything from chocolate chip cookies to best friends, pizza, dogs, margaritas and more, I’m glad to celebrate girls on International Day of the Girl. Over the years I’ve often thought: “Man, I’m glad I’m a girl” (Funny that that sentence begins with “Man.”). I […]

Before I delve into Misunderstood, I want to give a brief progress report on self-employment. I laugh every time I say it. Like I’m saying, “Me and the Mrs.” or something so very unlike me that the words cause my head to swivel around to see who is speaking. But I like the sound of […]

Goofing off again. That’s what it feels like. Anything that doesn’t have me stressed and hitting the ground running by 6:30am, feels like “goofing off.” But on “goofing off” days, I work in the evenings. That is not a change. I’ve been doing that since I started the side business of t-shirts and party accessories. […]

It’s day 7, Sunday, the end of my first week of unemployment, or self employment. At the beginning of Week 2, I’m not sure what name it deserves. I wish I had a map for this journey. Next to my OREGON map would be my INCOME WITH SERENITY AND FLEXIBILITY map. That’s where I want […]

As I sit here, rain pelts the roof and stormish clouds hover. It’s as if fall has bullied summer out. It’s forced its way in, impatient to wait for September 23rd, the date fall is in invited to join us with open arms, when we are inclined to invite it to stay awhile. We have […]

A Dog Dilemma; Another Winky Story During my “at home vacation” I was faced with another crossroads about Winky, and like so many crossroads, I faced it alone. There are many things I do alone and feel quite capable. But when it comes to finances, life altering decisions, and kids, God did not intend us […]

I’ve discovered a whole lot this week about using my Silhouette machine. You know how we learn from our mistakes? This week seemed like a crash course in learning. I had to put production on hold last week because of my birthday and then Easter. Take the hours away spent for a birthday and a […]