Frivolous and Fun

This might be the most fun page on which I will write. Here is where I’ll share random things that make me happy, that annoy me, or just an idea, like something I’d like to invent, or a workout plan I’ve begun… That’s how serious I take my workouts these days. They fall under this category.

I’m going to start right off the bat with something that annoys me. It’s not road rage annoying, but I wish I could shout at the top of my lungs or correct the world on Facebook, or trending these days, send out a Tweet. Maybe this mention will change the world and I’ll calm down on this matter.

Respectfully I’d like to say, apostrophes are used for possessive purposes, not for plurals. For example, I am a Principal’s secretary. I belong to my principal. She owns me during my work day. We do not have a meeting with all the Principals’ secretarie’s.  But we do have a meeting with all the Principals’ secretaries… no apostrophe needed. A simple S, ES, or IES suffices in most plural words. We get into weird habits that suddenly everyone copies. And I mean everyone. There seems to be no differentiation between educated or uneducated, professional or unprofessional, white, or black, citizen or immigrant. EVERYONE is doing it. Pass the word!

I’ve mentioned before that I love to listen to audio books. It’s the best thing since sliced bread, but really better. No need for me to eat bread sliced for me to enjoy it. Productivity makes me happy and multitasking is a skill I’ve honed. Especially this time of year when I’m trying to keep […]

It’s crazy the colors here this Spring in Portland, Oregon. The blooms are bursting from their buds like they’ve been holding their breath and can’t hold it another minute. I took all of these shots (minus one) tonight on an early evening walk. There’s no getting my heart rate up with these show stoppers grabbing […]

Arch Cape Weekend I’ve been a little out of commission in the writing world, violating the advice I’ve been reading on the disciplines of writing. I went on a weekend Women’s retreat with a group from my church called THRIVE. I’ve mentioned this group before, commenting that at one point that was my mission: to […]

CRAP! I do wish this synonym had been a sufficient expression of my reaction. I don’t even say “friggin!” But CRAP is not the word I hollered. In a flash, I realized I was holding the leash and collar of the dog I was walking for pay, but there was no dog attached. My mind […]

This post isn’t about my rough life. There is some truth to that, but I’m not going there right now. This title is more about having fun with words, which many of you may roll your eyes at. Doggone it! I began a second job this (Sunday) morning. I’m an official employee of Wag! dog […]

Katie of The Small Things Blog: Her messy bun. Note: This is a screen shot.

It’s time for another post, which makes me very excited! In the last few weeks I went through what I think was some kind of phase. I don’t know what kind, but it was something. It started when I was sick in bed in December with the flu in somewhat of a delirious state (I […]

  Roses are red, and for people with dates Or for married couples or people with mates So no entertaining romantic notions Instead I celebrate Oregon’s mountains and oceans Happy Birthday, Oregon! I’m celebrating you So glad where I live, no feeling blue You’ve given me lots in our beautiful state I’m not even sad […]