Frivolous and Fun

This might be the most fun page on which I will write. Here is where I’ll share random things that make me happy, that annoy me, or just an idea, like something I’d like to invent, or a workout plan I’ve begun… That’s how serious I take my workouts these days. They fall under this category.

I’m going to start right off the bat with something that annoys me. It’s not road rage annoying, but I wish I could shout at the top of my lungs or correct the world on Facebook, or trending these days, send out a Tweet. Maybe this mention will change the world and I’ll calm down on this matter.

Respectfully I’d like to say, apostrophes are used for possessive purposes, not for plurals. For example, I am a Principal’s secretary. I belong to my principal. She owns me during my work day. We do not have a meeting with all the Principals’ secretarie’s.  But we do have a meeting with all the Principals’ secretaries… no apostrophe needed. A simple S, ES, or IES suffices in most plural words. We get into weird habits that suddenly everyone copies. And I mean everyone. There seems to be no differentiation between educated or uneducated, professional or unprofessional, white, or black, citizen or immigrant. EVERYONE is doing it. Pass the word!

It’s not what you think. My friend impressed me by making a cake from America’s Test Kitchen. That’s some serious baking, and if she didn’t live in Medford, it would have been hard for me to not invite myself over. The next day another friend induced serious cravings after sending me a picture of a […]

  I think it’s so cool that Oregon’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day. So that’s what I celebrate on February 14th! Here’s my poem combining Oregon’s 160th birthday and my singleness. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥     Roses are red, and for people with dates Or for married couples or people with mates So […]

On an early morning walk The sun wasn’t up But the roses they talked They begged me to sniff I stopped and I leaned To take in a wiff   But it happened again This had happened before I inhaled with my nose But there was no scent on this rose   I looked all […]

This phrase pops up in my mind a lot. The “If I can, you can” part.  I don’t like that it does. I feel arrogant, like I know what people are capable of and I get to decide who has capacity and who doesn’t. So, it’s with sensitivity that I share this. I don’t want […]

This last weekend was exceptional, except for when it wasn’t. Saturday was a day I wouldn’t trade for anything, but most of Sunday I would give back. I’d worked hard on Saturday so I could budget time for reading and writing on Sunday afternoon, but my refrigerator decided to demand my attention instead. On Saturday, […]

Yes, I am making a big deal of this feat! I resisted the temptation to enter into this small cult at work for at least a year. From parenting issues, yard and home maintenance, dog maintenance, health, work; I’m faced with new things all the time. I had this sense I wanted to join in on […]

I was so stressed over the exterior paint color decision. Not just the color selections, but the time it took. Back and forth to the paint store, driving by houses for ideas, scouring the Internet, paint samples on the house (cleaning the brush in between each color). I am so glad it’s done. And what […]