Current Affairs

The advantage of having one’s own blog is that we can express our thoughts and opinions without concern that we’re feeding into a forum where everyone is faced with our posts whether they like it or not. Current Affairs will encompass how cultural events affect me or how I feel about them. It might be politics, religion, celebrity news, sports, or movies. It could be anything! I want to be honest and responsible in this area.

I love to engage in conversations about almost anything. But I hate to fight, and I don’t think a social media argument back and forth where people try to convince each other of their position is healthy. Reading those posts gives me a stomach ache leaving me disappointed. Yet, I understand  the urgency to convince people of wrong doing. It’s a hard place for all of us. I will share some things here, on my blog, when I feel passionate about an issue, or simply want to wonder aloud about a position or event.

Happy National Lipstick Day! I haven’t written in a couple of months. I just can’t think of anything to write about. Ha. There’s so much to write about, my inexperience and writer’s block can’t narrow down the enormous content in the limited time I find between Juggle Source and JoniTDesigns. But hallelujah, it’s National Lipstick […]

Right now we’re getting a lot of lists with recommended books to help us understand the black community from their perspective. I haven’t seen a few books that I’ve read over the last couple of years on those lists. All three of these books I couldn’t stop thinking about during and after I read them. […]

I finally made it up in time to see the sunrise. I love being up early, but getting up is another story! I can’t shake the image of the video I saw of George Floyd. I was late seeing this because I had turned off the TV and extra social media for a couple of […]

So for that mom who doesn’t have a crowd, or a person, applauding and affirming all she is and all she does: YOU ARE ADMIRED. One day, you will be sent home happy…


I am 60. I am 60. I hear that over and over in my head. I envision a circle of people, acknowledging they have a problem, and then I realize my only problem is that I have a problem being 60, not that I am 60. I’m healthy, so any issues I have about turning […]

Welcome to the club. That’s what Jim said as he pulled the needle from my arm. “You’ve saved at least one person’s life. You can’t do better than that.” I gulped and resisted a moment of emotion that I didn’t want to reveal. “Awe, thank you Jim. You and Alanna made it so painless. Thank […]

Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.  John 1: 3-5 This notebook is not my “look.” In fact, I think it’s […]

Hmmmm. What should I write about? Did you know the world has turned upside down? And yes, the whole world! Instead of sports and politics, our news is consumed with updates on the Coronavirus, aided with pictures of germs and viruses that are blown up a million times plus. I guess the media thinks we […]

Happy New Year, everyone. I considered posting all the pics that have meant something to me this year. But there are so many, and really, this collage says it well. We’ll never use a teen in our year again, and that’s true for many of our kids, as they move into adulthood, with some having […]

I hope today you feel the best hug; the one that says, “You are worth it all.” Kenny G for you: Born is the King of Israel For previous posts of My Twelve Mugs of Christmas, click here.

C H R I S T M A S  E V E  M O R N I N G Just in the St. Nick of time! A new mug hug for my post. This is actually my border’s mug that she received as a Moda Center employee. She works the Blazer games but isn’t as […]

  Ahhhh, cream. My morning is happy; my Half and Half is replenished. This is a repeat mug, but still, it hugs my heart. This has been quite the exercise, writing every day. Like everything, it’s got two sides: it’s a privilege with a lot of satisfaction, and it’s a commitment that begins to feel […]

So I’ve realized something kind of embarrassing. I’ve committed 12 Mugs of Christmas, and while I have 12, they’re not all different, which means repeats. This is my final mug that is different, so Mugs 3, 2, and 1 will be repeats. What a Mug Ugh! And this morning’s “best part of waking up,” falls […]

    As I write this, it’s POURING! I look forward to the pitter patter of rain accompanying me today as I hunker down in preparation for tonight’s dinner. But I have to run out quickly because even though I’d strategically prepared and “finished” my errands last night, I discovered something that will make tonight’s […]

R E L I E F         As I observe our political climate and listen to our president, his supporters, and those who oppose him, I am often in disbelief. Especially when it comes to the behavior, actions, and words of fellow Christians. For that reason, I struggle with my political affiliation. […]

An Historical Day Yes, like you, I love plaid. And yes, this is photographed in my bathroom. I’m starting my day differently and almost forgot that I have committed to posting every day until Christmas! Major things have happened in the last 24 hours. And a lot is happening in the next 7 days, so […]

Today’s mug is actually a favorite cup, and I can get it any time of year. As much as I love good coffee, I also love McDonalds, as a company. With a lower price, their lattes are adequate. Their stores are clean, their service model is consistent, and they strive to offer a variety to […]

I’m not crazy about this mug. It’s bigger than I like, and doesn’t shout “Christmas.” But it shouts “Bridgette,” (as well as “Beijing” and “Starbucks”). She brought it back from China when she went in eighth grade with a group from OES. So this is as much a hug from Bridgette as it is a […]

  This is from a set I got a few years back at an after Christmas sale from Pete’s Coffee. You may see it again, or, maybe not this exact one, but one of the other three, that all look the same. I realized that if you read my blog, “Getting There,”  you read that […]

I know this looks like yesterday’s mug, but its slight difference is what attracts me to it. I like the pink that is more dominant in it, than in yesterday’s mug. Had I not hunted this morning, unsure of what mug was going to tug at my senses, I would have overlooked this mug hug. […]

I have no plans that are set in stone today. If you read my blog, Getting There,  you know that contrary to what one might think, self discipline comes as hard to me as a dog faced with a rib eye (well, me faced with a rib eye, for that matter). Somehow, the “training” I’ve […]

Folgers had it right when they said, “The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup!” In the Northwest, there isn’t much satisfaction in Folgers, but there’s no shortage of satisfaction for us coffee lovers who live in an era of really good coffee. It is the best part of waking up! And […]

My hands are icicles. A few days ago I discovered that my TRANE XL80 furnace requires an upgrade kit. In car terms, isn’t that equivalent to a recall, that is typically covered by the manufacturer? I am annoyed at the unplanned expense, but gratitude skills are to be employed. I have a blanket, a roof, […]

  Skills, that have little to do with creating my business, yet have everything to do with it, can be game changers for us personally and professionally. Naysayers, wait and seers, and discouragers can squelch a person’s dreams faster than anything else. As much as the technical skills and knowledge are advantageous in the practical […]

I know it’s a week late for this, but since my job isn’t a beat reporter, you can bet my current affairs will always be a day late, which is in keeping with me, because I’m always a dollar short! I’m enjoying the idea of an extra day off with our inclement weather, yet as […]

I love Christmas! I love love love the glitter and sparkle and this time when I am reminded about the wonder of our savior. I think about the luxury of living in a time and place where information is easy and the news about a baby who was sent to save the world didn’t get […]

When it was announced that John McCain died last week, I was sad. I wondered if others would feel the same way, thinking about those coming from a liberal stance. I quickly understood that I was joined by thousands who were sad, both conservative and liberal minded people. I learned that one’s political position wasn’t […]

Happy 4th, everyone! I haven’t posted since Father’s Day. So much for writing every day as instructed by every author who teaches writing. These last few weeks haven’t afforded me much time for hobbies, and thus far, that’s where I have to place my writing effort. Bridgette graduated from college, which is a huge reason […]

I sometimes wonder how I could ever go on a dating site. I wouldn’t know where to begin with my profile. I don’t know how other profiles read, but I feel like mine might be a tad off putting, or at least confusing: Mother of two, loves yard work, walking, mostly in love with my […]

I went to a conference with my boss. The conference is called The Breakthrough Coach. Their byline is: Two days. One life-changing program. A conference entitled “Breakthrough” with a byline like this was something to which I could look forward. I also think I secretly challenged them to their claim. Within the first five minutes […]

I’m officially beginning my blog with the help of Rick Cano at Design Works. For a few years I’ve been endeavoring to host a blog site and playing around with it in some form. I think the timing is great that I’m able to make this official start at the beginning 2018 (even if it […]