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Day 3 of My Twelve Mugs of Christmas

  Ahhhh, cream. My morning is happy; my Half and Half is replenished. This is a repeat mug, but still, it hugs my heart. This has been quite the exercise, writing every day. Like everything, it’s got two sides: it’s a privilege with a lot of satisfaction, and it’s a commitment that begins to feel […]

Day 4 of My Twelve Mugs of Christmas

So I’ve realized something kind of embarrassing. I’ve committed 12 Mugs of Christmas, and while I have 12, they’re not all different, which means repeats. This is my final mug that is different, so Mugs 3, 2, and 1 will be repeats. What a Mug Ugh! And this morning’s “best part of waking up,” falls […]

Day 5 of My Twelve Mugs of Christmas

    As I write this, it’s POURING! I look forward to the pitter patter of rain accompanying me today as I hunker down in preparation for tonight’s dinner. But I have to run out quickly because even though I’d strategically prepared and “finished” my errands last night, I discovered something that will make tonight’s […]

Day 6 of My Twelve Mugs of Christmas

R E L I E F         As I observe our political climate and listen to our president, his supporters, and those who oppose him, I am often in disbelief. Especially when it comes to the behavior, actions, and words of fellow Christians. For that reason, I struggle with my political affiliation. […]