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Sign Here, Please

I signed for our house today!  By our age (I’ll say it: 54.), most of us have had the experience of owning a home.  In spite of having been through the process before, it still feels surreal, almost like I can’t believe I’m doing this big girl thing.  I’ll be honest.  It’s a big girl […]

Paul, Priscilla, and Aquila

Underwriting Underwriting Underwriting They approved and have signed off on everything. No more scrutiny by them. Yea! Signing is any day, now. I had a great weekend filled with friends.  When too much time passes without connecting with a friend, I begin to feel lonely. God made us to be relational, so it stands to […]

Underwriters Get Personal

I’ve never been clear what an underwriter does.  But now I am. They analyze your expenses and income to determine if you are a risk to the lender.  I am buying a house and deep in the process. I’ve long been approved.  The appraisal has been made and the inspection and repairs finished.  A close […]

We’re Moving!

We’re moving right now means more than you would imagine. It means we get to be someplace permanent, and it means that God is good. After we sold our house last July, we didn’t find a house to buy within the time frame of us having to be out of our house. So, we rented, […]

Starting, Again.

Starting, again. Starting this blog again, and as I write those words I am reminded, that I’m always starting again. Maybe that’s what this blog is about. How to start again, where ever you are. That’s the point, really, not to stop starting! So, hello. It’s been a long time desire to write a book, […]