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She Likes Me!

It’s been three weeks since I’ve posted. It’s usually because it’s competing with putting a meal on the table (or other important things) or my experiences have been too intimate for me to share.  In the last three weeks, both have been true.  I write blog posts in my head that never get published.  When […]

Signs of Fall in our Family

I will never ever win an award with my baking or cake decorating. But my kids don’t like to do birthdays with anything but a boxed Duncan Hines chocolate cake with canned frosting.  Our tradition is that we eat it for breakfast. That’s gotten harder as kids have gotten older and our schedules are more […]

Pictures that Say it All

I haven’t had any time to write! But follow some of these photos and you’ll be able to see the topsy turvy life that’s going on in our world.     These pictures all represent pieces of the last week.  One thing that I didn’t photograph was me applying and interviewing for jobs.  I think […]

Football, College, Ours, and Moving!

Football is in full swing. Daily doubles in 90 plus degrees.  Bradley is loving it, and he’s also very tired.  His new number: 99. I like it! I know this picture is ridiculous to post. But of course, my favorite picture of us is the blurriest picture of the bunch!  Bridgette isn’t going to the […]


As I thought about my post about my realtor, I thought about so many realtors I know personally, but have never used.  I used the term that realtors are a “dime a dozen.”  There are a lot of realtors.  I’ve heard a number of times that I should become a realtor.  I think the profession […]