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Fifty Shades of Red

Happy National Lipstick Day! I haven’t written in a couple of months. I just can’t think of anything to write about. Ha. There’s so much to write about, my inexperience and writer’s block can’t narrow down the enormous content in the limited time I find between Juggle Source and JoniTDesigns. But hallelujah, it’s National Lipstick […]

Books I’ve Read and Loved

Right now we’re getting a lot of lists with recommended books to help us understand the black community from their perspective. I haven’t seen a few books that I’ve read over the last couple of years on those lists. All three of these books I couldn’t stop thinking about during and after I read them. […]

T O L E R A N C E Is Not Enough

I finally made it up in time to see the sunrise. I love being up early, but getting up is another story! I can’t shake the image of the video I saw of George Floyd. I was late seeing this because I had turned off the TV and extra social media for a couple of […]

My Dating 101

When my kids began to date, I might have given more consideration to the topic than the average well-rounded, successful, happily married person. I was many things, but I was not that. My emphasis on dating was the expectations of each person, to maintain their integrity and to remain true to one’s self. My dating […]