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Call it What IT Is

That is the tragedy. Unlike a person with a physical ailment, who is keenly aware and might equip themselves for battle, some mental illnesses rob a person of their ability to see the enemy, in which case, the enemy has the advantage.

And that is why, if we can see the enemy, we must all call it what it is, and prepare for battle. That is pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps.

Books! Read! Literacy! Information!

I could talk books all day long! Well, sometimes I could talk all day long on a lot of subjects. But this is definitely a favorite topic. I haven’t read a book outside of the bible in ions. But I listen ALL. THE. TIME. I am in awe of the opportunities we have to access […]

Suffering Transformed

  It is so tempting to power through grief. To practice gratitude exercises and to count our blessings. To “look on the bright side,” to overcome disappointment, and to “get over it,” which for me is not a quick decision, but an intentional process. I don’t “just get over” anything. I think these efforts have […]

Fifty Shades of Red

Happy National Lipstick Day! I haven’t written in a couple of months. I just can’t think of anything to write about. Ha. There’s so much to write about, my inexperience and writer’s block can’t narrow down the enormous content in the limited time I find between Juggle Source and JoniTDesigns. But hallelujah, it’s National Lipstick […]

Books I’ve Read and Loved

Right now we’re getting a lot of lists with recommended books to help us understand the black community from their perspective. I haven’t seen a few books that I’ve read over the last couple of years on those lists. All three of these books I couldn’t stop thinking about during and after I read them. […]