I’m Joni Thurber. Frances is my middle name. I love to share, express, teach, and learn, and then share, express and teach what I’ve learned! I’m an over communicator. I’m certain it can annoy people at times, and I’ve had cause to check myself. Like, when I leave the kitchen I don’t have to tell my daughter that I’ll be right back, because I’m going to the bathroom. That’s not necessary for her to know, yet there’s something comforting to me when I know the status of things. I’m under the impression that what’s comforting to me is comforting to others. Apparently, not so. The beauty of having one’s own blog is that we don’t annoy the person who doesn’t want to be part of my experience.

The lemon is my theme. I love its bright cheery yellow exterior. It’s not all cheery or all sour. We’re not all good or all bad. No one event defines us. We’re both happy and sad, and possibly in the same moment. We’re as wonderful and as complex as a lemon.

​The idea of this blog has evolved, like we evolve. It’s that evolution of self that I will enjoy sharing with you. I hope you will be blessed and that even in the sour moments, it will glorify God. It’s not perfect, and at age 57, I’m leaning toward giving up on perfect and just doing, to the best of my ability.

​I’ve transferred previous entries from a past blog, and am starting new with this blog. Previous blogs that I’ve transferred are all under 2018.

​Thank you for reading. May you soar on wings like eagles, may you run and not grow weary, and may you walk and not grow faint. And when you do, may you start all over again, because your hope is in the Lord.