Day 2 of My Twelve Mugs of Christmas

C H R I S T M A S  E V E  M O R N I N G

Mug Hug 2

Just in the St. Nick of time! A new mug hug for my post. This is actually my border’s mug that she received as a Moda Center employee. She works the Blazer games but isn’t as attached to them as I am. I am thrilled to have this little gem in my Christmas mug selection.

These last eleven days of writing has been a real discipline. Anyone who thinks writing is not work is wrong! Counting down each day has also given them their own meaning. I’m not looking back in bewilderment on how I arrived here. Instead, it makes sense, which is kind of an odd feeling in itself!

Most everything is wrapped up (and delivered!) for this Christmas season. The kids and I celebrated on Saturday. My daughter is in Colorado with her husband’s family, where in somewhat Griswold style, they cut down their Christmas tree in waist high snow. My son and I will attend our annual candlelight service in the late afternoon, and then we’ll head to a movie and dinner. I’m so looking forward to spending time with him. He’ll be at his dad’s for Christmas.

Tomorrow I will work at a homeless organization and then go to a friend’s house. I hesitate to make that public, yet I want to encourage others who are in a similar situation.

Not being with our families is hard. We miss out on purpose when we’re not filling our day with plans to serve them, and the joy of receiving whatever it is we get from them (which I know is different for every family!).

There are some who live a desperate existence without a family, home or food. This is where I’ll find my purpose tomorrow, and share the joy of knowing our savior.

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