Day 5 of My Twelve Mugs of Christmas

Mug Hug 5



As I write this, it’s POURING! I look forward to the pitter patter of rain accompanying me today as I hunker down in preparation for tonight’s dinner. But I have to run out quickly because even though I’d strategically prepared and “finished” my errands last night, I discovered something that will make tonight’s dinner perfect.

I know that nothing is perfect, but I love to add finishing touches that make the experience special. And if it flops, I’m with my kids, and that’s perfect enough.

Bridgette and Cody are off to CO for Christmas, hence the Christmas dinner together tonight. For that reason, this post will end so I can prepare. We’ll have our standard rib roast. I’m going to add Half Baked Harvest’s beets and gorgonzola sauce to it (on the side for my dairy free family members).

Good luck on those last minute errands in this warm winter downpour!

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