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Day 6 Mug Hug





As I observe our political climate and listen to our president, his supporters, and those who oppose him, I am often in disbelief. Especially when it comes to the behavior, actions, and words of fellow Christians. For that reason, I struggle with my political affiliation. I cannot say I am republican or democrat, because I can’t align myself firmly to either party. And sadly, I feel the same way about labeling myself as a Christian. If you know me, my love for Jesus is deep, but these days, I understand why people would be confused by what a Christian looks like. The bible and how some Christians are behaving don’t align. It takes a lot of effort to keep my anger at bay.

A couple of weeks ago after listening to almost every word of the impeachment testimonies, the TV was on channel 6 and the Christian show, 700 Club, came on. I decided to linger for a moment to hear what they might say, and a moment was all I could manage. In anger I flipped off the TV and called a couple of friends. I wanted so badly to shout to everyone:  Read the bible. That is not what Jesus is about! A tweet that I’m sure no one saw was the closest thing I could do.

It can feel lonely and confusing for those of us who are watching the hateful words said by Christians in public for all to see. I know that some of the Christian leaders I look up to can’t possibly agree with many of the statements we hear from some Christian leaders. I completely understand the neutral position they take. Commenting and confronting some of the statements that we hear from Christians would contribute to the discord that tears at the fabric of our country. Not contributing to the ugliness is Christ like.

Yet there is a place for responding. It has to be done thoughtfully, and Christianity Today has done just that. They have done so in a firm way that is not slapping someone in the face with criticism, or name calling, but with an explanation of why they believe President Trump should be removed. And I am relieved.

Thank you, Christianity Today.

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