Day 8 of My Twelve Mugs of Christmas

Day 8 Mug Hug

Today’s mug is actually a favorite cup, and I can get it any time of year. As much as I love good coffee, I also love McDonalds, as a company. With a lower price, their lattes are adequate. Their stores are clean, their service model is consistent, and they strive to offer a variety to please the current trends. I have a friend who eats one ice cream cone a day from McDonalds, and another friend who daily gets her $1 soda. I like how I fill out a 1 minute survey with my receipt and get a free small latte, and I like their frequent buyer cards. I especially like Susie at my neighborhood location. I don’t go often, but she always greets me with a smile, as if she knows me. I marveled at her one day last year. Winter calamity put the fear in everyone and shut down most of the surrounding businesses, but Susie greeted me with the same enthusiasm she greets everyone, every day.

This morning had me out the door early running a Christmas errand to my daugther’s house on the East side. Hence, a change, but I’m happy to share my enthusiasm for the good ole’ American icon: McDonalds.

I am surprised they don’t have holiday cups for the season. I guess another reason to like them. They’re a practical bunch.  Merry Christmas, McDonalds!

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