Day 9 of My Twelve Mugs of Christmas

Day 9 Mug Hug

I’m not crazy about this mug. It’s bigger than I like, and doesn’t shout “Christmas.” But it shouts “Bridgette,” (as well as “Beijing” and “Starbucks”). She brought it back from China when she went in eighth grade with a group from OES. So this is as much a hug from Bridgette as it is a Mug Hug.

The busy traffic of life has a way of zipping past, our memories left so far back, we can hardly recall ever being there. But there’s something about touching an object or a person or living an experience that knocks on the heart, awakening a memory and welcoming it in.

When I grabbed this mug it was like, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” This mug reminds me of this thing, and that thing reminds me of that person, and that person reminds me of that event, and when I did that thing, and I remember a lot about that moment in time. Some things I didn’t love or could make me sad, so in this moment, I skip past that, and reach for the things that I did love, because after all, this is a Mug Hug, and even though this is NOT Folgers, this is the best part of waking up!

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