Day 11 of My Twelve Mugs of Christmas

Day 11 Mug Hug

I know this looks like yesterday’s mug, but its slight difference is what attracts me to it. I like the pink that is more dominant in it, than in yesterday’s mug. Had I not hunted this morning, unsure of what mug was going to tug at my senses, I would have overlooked this mug hug.

I’m writing while accompanied by my favorite show, CBS’ Sunday Morning. Mo Rocca is profiled for his book, “mobituaries,” and he’s in Portland for a book signing! That’s my Portland, not the other Portland. CBS Sunday Morning is the perfect show, mixing current affairs from every genre: politics, celebrities, art, literature, and nature, and hosted by a classic: Jane Pauley. I watched the show when Charles Osgood hosted and Charles Kuralt was a regular anchor. They both passed, and when Charles Osgood died, I wondered if I would transition with the new host. I did not transition well when Tim Russert died and left the host seat open. Nothing against Chuck Todd, but I could have married Tim Russert, given the chance. I’ve kind of idolized Jane Pauley since I was young and she hosted the Today Show. Plus, she’s married to a cartoon guy, which makes her even cooler. Sunday Morning is like cream in my coffee, so a double Mug Hug on Sundays.

That’s it for today. It’s Sunday. Our church is an extra blessing during the Christmas season, filled with holiday spirit.

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