Day 12 of My Twelve Mugs of Christmas

Day 12 Mug Hug

I have no plans that are set in stone today. If you read my blog, Getting There,  you know that contrary to what one might think, self discipline comes as hard to me as a dog faced with a rib eye (well, me faced with a rib eye, for that matter). Somehow, the “training” I’ve received over the years supersedes my natural tendencies, which is a darn good thing.

This girl and her red meat.

This girl and her red meat.


Last night we had our neighborhood Christmas party. That meant less time working and more time preparing for fun. I’ve grown fond of some neighbors, which I consider when I think about selling my house. In a market where prices seem ridiculously high or out of reach, I waiver between keeping or selling this gem in which I live. My neighbors are like stones that accentuate it. They rally for anything from removing a spider (one neighbor does not kill them. I let him do whatever he wants, as long as it’s gone. I’m not talking small spiders, I’m talking the huge ones) to diagnosing me with gout, not to mention creating my new business logo, which you will see very soon. In exchange, I cook an occasional meal or weed their yard, which when compared to removing a spider or sparing me from a doctor’s appointment seems equivalent to a $5 gift from 7-11. Actually, that’s not true. Right now it seems like that, but when I worked my full time scheduled job, showing my appreciation for help I received was no easy matter. This time has relieved me from the anxiety of giving, to the joy of it.

I have no shortage of tasks today. I’m going to do my best to stay focused on productivity. Yet, I can always rationalize spending time with a friend or my kids as productive, especially during the Christmas season.

Until tomorrow!

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