The Best Part of Waking Up – My Twelve Mugs of Christmas

Folgers had it right when they said, “The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup!” In the Northwest, there isn’t much satisfaction in Folgers, but there’s no shortage of satisfaction for us coffee lovers who live in an era of really good coffee. It is the best part of waking up!

And to that privilege I would add, the fun of choosing my coffee cup. On a daily basis, that’s a fairly ordinary experience, but holidays add a little more fun to my routine, because I get to see the mugs that have been out of sight the rest of the year.

I thought I’d make it fun (for me!) and share a mug a day. I have no partridges or turtle doves, so this is my “12 Days of Christmas.”


This is my mug family

No more do I need

This is their home

They’re my Christmas routine


They are the chosen ones

I’ve sent others away

Up in the attic

These are stored and are saved


Some are my favorite

Some remind me of friends

Some are just cooler

And remind me of trends



Waiting for purpose

They wait all year long

Like the coffee I pour

They’re constant and strong


Pick me, I hear

When I open the door

I’ve been with you the longest

I hear some implore


But it’s not up to me

Which mug I will take

My heart grabs the one

For heaven’s sake


That will start out my day

And put a skip in my step

As I embrace the season

With my holiday prep


On each day I choose

A new Christmas mug

As God taps on my heart

With this warm coffee hug



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