Happy Valentine’s Day?


I think it’s so cool that Oregon’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day. So that’s what I celebrate on February 14th! Here’s my poem combining Oregon’s 160th birthday and my singleness.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



Roses are red, and for people with dates

Or for married couples or people with mates

So no entertaining romantic notions

Instead I celebrate Oregon’s mountains and oceans

Happy Birthday, Oregon! I’m celebrating you

So glad where I live, no feeling blue

You’ve given me lots in our beautiful state

I’m not even sad because of no mate

On this day I will think of all that I’ve done

In the great state of Oregon even though I am one

And laugh as I consider the lengths that I’ll go

To distract me from V Day and that I am solo!

Roses are red, chocolate tastes great

But today it’s Oregon, that I celebrate!

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