Why Don’t Roses Smell Anymore?

On an early morning walk The sun wasn’t up But the roses they talked They begged me to sniff I stopped and I leaned To take in a wiff   But it happened again This had happened before I inhaled with my nose But there was no scent on this rose   I looked all around I wanted just one I tried a few but there were none   This reminder of past when something was sure Like the scent of a rose that I thought would endure Who took it away? Did he wear a white coat? Does he work in a lab? Did science decide? Did anyone vote?   Who wouldn’t want a rose to release Its fragrance distinct Who wouldn’t want this scent of a rose Is it extinct?   I hope this is all a mistake on my part I hope I can smell lilacs and jasmine on walks And colors don’t fade, we need them too We need our greens and our yellows and blues   About this I didn’t think I ever would care I’d looked past these beauties with my nose in the air I mistakenly thought they’d always be there   But I have a solution In a can or a candle I can order it soon I’m sure I can have this scent here by noon   Next time I walk I can carry it with And when I pass by a rose I’ll spray and not wiff

Sorry this isn’t Part 2 of my Winky story. It’s been a busy week and this just kind of came out. Poetry isn’t my thing, but I like to play with it sometimes.

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