Let Freedom Ring!

Happy 4th, everyone! I haven’t posted since Father’s Day. So much for writing every day as instructed by every author who teaches writing. These last few weeks haven’t afforded me much time for hobbies, and thus far, that’s where I have to place my writing effort. Bridgette graduated from college, which is a huge reason to celebrate. But if that weren’t enough, her boyfriend also proposed to her! A wedding is now in the works and I have a new son-in-law to be. He is a wonderful young man with an engineering degree, which I’m hoping comes in handy once in awhile around my house. Plus, he loves the Lord, so if he can’t find time to put that degree to use for me, I’m still his fan.

I’m on a little vacation in Bend, Oregon as I write this, which includes a favorite spot for us Oregonians called Sunriver. I know it’s different to visit a city than to live in it, but it is as close to perfect as it gets. When my kids were young I remember Bridgette begging to move to whatever city we’d be visiting for vacation. She’d plead with me, “Mom, can we PLEEEZE move here?” My constant mantra was reminding her that if she lived here, she wouldn’t be on vacation, and everything would be different. I’m sure that’s true for Bend to some degree, but my friends who live here sure love it.

A large part of me was sad to not be with my kids for the holiday, but I knew the chances of us not being together was big, so I accepted my friend’s offer to join them on Lake Billy Chinook, a place that I absolutely love and miss. Another friend lives in Sunriver currently, so I tacked on another day or two so I could visit her.

This is not reflective of my housekeeping

Getting out of the house for me is comical. Preparing for a vacation, whether it’s over night or a week, has always been an event for me, even when I was married and had help to manage the household needs. I don’t know what one would call the process now, except possibly pitiful? If I left more often, I might have a routine that could look a little better. But I resist leaving because of this unfortunate personality trait.

But once I’m outta there, it’s so worth it. My dream husband would indulge the multiple stops to take pictures and analyze wild flowers, would stop at a roadside cafe for a latte, and listen to a book on tape, while pausing to discuss. Maybe I’ll copy and paste this on Match.com one day and see who pops up.

A perfect latte!


Central Oregon drive

On my way down I listened to a book called The Reason for God by Timothy Keller, which I got through the free Overdrive site I’ve referred to. Timothy Keller is incredibly intelligent, so I have to listen carefully and rewind often, but I’m riveted by his assessments of God’s word. He is a former pastor of a church in New York called Redeemer Presbyterian Church which he began and grew to thousands of parishioners, and not by today’s modern strategies focused on entertaining the audience. Timothy Keller is passionate about finding the truth, which he addresses in his book, asking us how we know what “the truth” is. If someone claims to know the truth, doesn’t that mean that the person who claims that he knows, arrogant? How does that person have an advantage of knowing “the truth” over another person? He also addresses the fear many people have that living for God will eliminate their personal freedom to be themselves. Tim beautifully explains why living for God creates more freedom to find our identity as God designed us to be, not defined by a secular world. This piece in his narrative is what brought me to tears.

About 3/4 of the way through this book I was thanking God through tears as what I believe more of his truths to me were revealed.

Well, this post is done. My friend is up and it’s time to move on with this day.

But before I go, let me leave you with a before and after picture. I will blame this on the Central Oregon climate. It must have an affect on my appetite. Or I was honoring Tim Keller’s Redeemer church in NY City.

New York Strip Steak

Happy Fourth, everyone. I am fortunate to live in this country. Thank you to everyone who has ever served and for those of you who vote.

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