First Day of School…I Mean, WORK

It’s the night before I begin my first day of work, but my emotions take me back to the first day of school.  At one point in my life I would get my room in order and plan out my clothes for the next week. Once school was in full force, that type of preparation slipped and I was like most everyone else, where I scrambled in the morning to get dressed. But I remember the anticipation well, and fondly.

I’m not quite at that point tonight. In fact, my house is a mess. I’ve deChristmastized my home (a new word…Dr. Seuss would be proud).  Since my house wasn’t quite in order when I started decorating for Christmas, deChristmastizing has returned it to its pre-holiday state. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

IMG_0218 IMG_0219

I moved some furniture around in my bedroom today because my dresser was covering up a vent. My room is a mess.  I’m not yet done with Christmas cards.


Yes, I said that out loud. Not only will those receiving my card know how late I am, but now you all do. I tried so hard to let Christmas cards go this year, but it’s a familiar story for me. It’s like putting on my seat belt. I’ve done it so long, late or not, I’m doing it.

So, those are my two objectives tonight. Get the counter cleared and the cards ready for mail, and my room in decent order, and get to bed…I’m shooting for 9pm. I’m wondering what I’ll wear. Insurance school starts at 8am. What do people wear to insurance school??  I’ll play it safe and be fairly conservative, and hope the five pounds I’ve gained in the last couple of weeks doesn’t reduce my clothing options in my closet too much.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited for something. And to think, I’ll be making money tomorrow, within a full time permanent job. No wondering where I’ll go or what I’ll do. It’s predictable bliss and oh so satisfying. I understand if you’re not where I am. But like most things, we appreciate them more when we have lost them. If you haven’t lost your home, your job, or your way, but you find yourself unable to find any type of excitement in your work, this perspective is worth serious consideration.

My guess is that your first Monday of 2015 won’t be like your first day back to school, full of hope and anticipation.  But if you consider that work is a privilege, and recognize the gift that it is, your job can become more than a job, but an opportunity.  We are blessed when we are able bodied and in a position to give and receive. We are blessed when we have the opportunity to execute our skills and be rewarded with the ability to pay our bills that give us food and shelter. That is God’s design. In Matthew 20 I read that the work day in Jesus’ day was 12 hours. That makes an 8 hour day worth celebrating!

May the first Monday of 2015 bring you joy in your ability to give to your employer and receive from your employer.  I plan on doing just that!

Talk soon!


P.S… I didn’t make my 9pm bed time. Rats!

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