Mary, Joseph, and Jesus


Merry Christmas.

It’s an honor to share this image with you on Christmas. We believe that God gave Bridgette and me this image in 2011 when we were walking in a hospital hallway on a day when we needed it most.  I had been desperate that morning. I needed God to reveal himself to me. On my knees I begged him to make himself known to me, so I could carry on with the work I had to do to ensure Bridgette’s well being, as well as be the mom I needed to be for both kids.

In a despondent state, I walked briskly down the hall, late for an appointment. The wing of the hospital where we walked was under construction, and the workers had been applying plaster to the walls.  Bridgette stopped suddenly and asked if I’d seen “that?” I didn’t know what “that” was and I told her we needed to hurry for the appointment.  She insisted that I stop and she walked back toward me. She pointed toward the floor and at this image.  Instantly I felt a sense of relief come over me. God was making himself known to me.

I cherish this image and hope to use it every year in some form on our Christmas card (I have to learn Photo Shop, first). As inspirational as it is, I think my friends will tire of the same card every Christmas.  Last year a friend’s daughter designed the card with color, and this year, Bradley taught himself a little Photo Shop and came up with this.

Merry Christmas. May God reveal himself to you in new ways.  Let him reveal himself to you through this image.  I’m certain it was meant to be shared.


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