Happy Halloween

I get to meet someone on Saturday who may be able to help me with this site. I’ll be so glad. I can hardly stand not being able to make this site what I want it to be. I’m sure I could figure it out, but it would mean giving it all of my attention, and I just can’t justify that right now.  Doing that seems like a luxury, and indulging in a luxury means not accomplishing other things that are important, and more timely, such as making this house a home, applying for jobs, learning Spanish, or working.

For example, I have a picture that Bridgette took and edited slightly. It’s so pretty. It’s lively and soulful at the same time.  I wanted to use it for my header.  I know how to change my header picture, but I couldn’t figure out how to remove the green overlay that is automatically on the header of this blog site.  So, here’s Bridgette’s picture:


Lively and soulfull


And I made this one from an app that I love: Red Stamp.  I like my clever wordplay.

A fun reminder to our teenagers.

A fun reminder to our teenagers.


Bridgette’s at OSU for Halloween.  Bradley gets to suit up for the Varsity football game tonight, so we’ll both be there.  I haven’t figured out if I should stay home and hand out candy  by myself for the couple of hours before the game, or if I should join some friends beforehand.  Life is different and good.  It’s nice not to be scrambling at the last minute for a costume for one of us, yet I considered for a second to get myself over to Goodwill and pick something out.  I miss it a little bit. I decided against it, mostly because I would be freezing at the game.  But I’m sure there are some more costume years in me.

Kindergarten at Terra Linda. I remember: Bridgette was so proud to be the daughter of the wicked witch.

Kindergarten at Terra Linda. I remember: Bridgette was so proud to be the daughter of the wicked witch.

I remember this costume like it was yesterday.  She didn’t know I was dressing up, so it was a surprise when I showed up to her class.  She didn’t know it was me right away!  This morning I worked out at our local club.  I looked in the mirror and noticed I’d forgotten to brush my hair.  I thought it was appropriate that I look that scary on this day.

So, tonight will be spent watching Sunset’s Varsity Football game, and I’ll be willing #99 to get in the game.

We have a couple of great sophomores who are playing regularly on Varsity,  but usually the underclassmen who suit up only play if the score is way up or someone is hurt.  I don’t want anyone to be hurt, so I’m hoping for a blow out game.  Bradley feels honored to get the opportunity.  It was especially cool to be asked what he wanted for his pre game meal.  That doesn’t happen on JV.  He also gets to wear his #99 number, because the varsity #99 is no longer playing, so that’s pretty cool, too.  Bradley’s had a 9 on his football jersey since he started playing in third grade.  It’s pretty awesome that suiting up for a varsity game doesn’t compromise that trend!  Bradley had a great game last night on the JV team and scored a TD.  Two nights of Sunset football and the OSU game on Saturday.  I love it.  Here’s to hoping the rain reduces to a spit instead of the downpour we had all night long.

Have fun tonight. Try not to eat too much candy corn. Pray for reasonable football weather, and will Bradley in the game.  I’ll be praying, but I’m his mom.






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