Spared From a Different Kind of Heartache

I’ve often heard people say, “No one is immune from hardship; everyone has a story.” That is true. Everyone experiences loss of some kind: job loss, divorce, betrayal, death. But it’s also true that some people experience greater loss or heartache than others, loss that one could call, “unreasonable.”  A victim of sex trafficking faces a loss that is unreasonable, and for most of us, unfathomable.

Tonight I attended a fundraiser for Compassion First. . Compassion First is an organization out of Beaverton, Oregon. Their mission is to restore women in Indonesia who have been forced into sex trafficking.  Restoration of these women includes education, food and shelter, therapy, and more.  Their efforts reach into assisting the Indonesian police and changing laws.

Compassion First

This is how it starts for girls forced into sex trafficking.

There are many injustices, diseases, and victims that require far more support and funds than they receive, in order to conquer the tragedies people face. But I’ve found three that I support. One is an organization called Eve’s Daughters. Eve’s Daughters is an organization that helps single moms find hope in the face of raising children on their own. It is dear to my heart. Another is Young Life.  Young Life has been an integral part of my daughter’s relationship with Jesus as she’s navigated complications in her life, and my son has found Young Life to be significant to him, too.  The last organization is Compassion First.  I long to do more for these organizations. In place of my time, I do what I can by donating a small amount every month, and attending or hosting a table at their annual fundraising events, or occasional help when called upon.

I’m grateful for the founders of these organizations.  In particular, I’m grateful for Eve’s Daughters and Compassion First, where they bring hope to women in times of despair. Women who have been left to bear the responsibilities of children, who turn to adults, and who affect our world, and more specifically, who affect you and me.  I’m grateful that God has blessed the people who founded these organizations with a heart to sacrifice.  That’s what they do, so others can have hope for a better life.  I pray that God continues to grow their resources and that one day I can be a bigger part of their outreach.

God Bless them.

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