I love podcasts. I love finding something uplifting to listen to while I’m walking the dogs, or working out or applying my make up. This morning I remembered that I’d missed church on Sunday, so I went to Beaverton Foursquare’s site and found:

Marriage: It’s Complicated.

One might think that the message would only benefit those who are married, or thinking of getting married. I’m neither of those. I still find the subject interesting, and I really love learning about God’s perspective on the most sacred relationship of all.

It wasn’t that long ago I would cry at the thought of a (my) failed marriage. Now, if I let myself think about it, my thoughts usually go to my kids, and that’s when my heart starts to hurt. But I refrain from going in that direction as much as possible, and listening to Pastor Randy’s sermon didn’t stir up tears, but rather, affirmed that my singleness is good, and my wholeness comes from God, not another person.

This sermon affects everyone because marriage is God’s plan, as Pastor Randy points out. That does sound cliche as Randy also points out, but Pastor Randy illustrates how marriage evolved in biblical times from something that was abused to something that is sacred.

For those who have been married and want so desperately to return to that state, this sermon reminds us that Jesus is the only source that can satisfy us, as illustrated when Jesus talks to a woman who has been married five times.

Note: The title of this blog is the title of Pastor Randy Remington’s sermon from Beaverton Foursquare Church in Beaverton, Oregon.

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