Football, College, Ours, and Moving!


Football is in full swing. Daily doubles in 90 plus degrees.  Bradley is loving it, and he’s also very tired.  His new number: 99. I like it!

Bridgette and me on graduation night.

I know this picture is ridiculous to post. But of course, my favorite picture of us is the blurriest picture of the bunch!  Bridgette isn’t going to the University of Portland, after all.  She’s going to OSU. I may post the history to that… the challenge of writing a blog is how intimate to get.  For now, I’ll say that the decision to go to U.P. was based on where Bridgette was in her life at the time we made the decision. Once things changed, she wanted to revert back to her original plan of going to OSU. I resisted that and hoped it would go away.  If you know Bridgette, things don’t go away.  I finally had to accept that the reasons I wasn’t in agreement about her moving to OSU were mostly related to how I felt, and not how she felt.  Once I gave her the green light, she applied and was admitted within the week.

We go to orientation on Monday, which has me a little stressed in relationship to the move.  However, if she were going to U.P., she’d have gone there yesterday, which would have been problematic considering we were moving yesterday.  I am slowly adjusting my frame of mind to OSU. I love OSU… but my emotions and energy had been given to U.P., so it’s taking me awhile to warm up to a new direction.

Here it is!

We got possession of our new home yesterday.  Moving is consuming… so why am I posting a blog? Because I’m a horrible mover and this is important to me and it’s what I enjoy.  We are very excited.  But I truly hate moving… too many times.  The kids are busy with things that are also important.  Bridgette’s finishing up her college Spanish course. Today is her last day; yippeee! But that has meant study study study.  Her back has gone out and she’s back to PT 3 to 4 times a week, sleeping on the floor, and lots of frustration about having to stop the progress she was making in running.  She has lots of friends leaving for college, so she’s wanted to see them a bit, as well.  It’s a balance to get the kids to help while respecting that they can’t carry the load.

But moving we are.  Friends are helping and for that I am grateful grateful grateful.  In fact… a friend has arrived. It’s a good thing. I might have written all day.

I also just got a phone call for an interview at a school, which I made for next Tuesday.

So… off I go to do what is wonderful, yet not my favorite thing to do.  My friend related it to birth a while back. We do the hard work to get the wonderful gift.  I’m so glad for the friends who are holding my hand through the labor.


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