As I thought about my post about my realtor, I thought about so many realtors I know personally, but have never used.  I used the term that realtors are a “dime a dozen.”  There are a lot of realtors.  I’ve heard a number of times that I should become a realtor.  I think the profession seems appealing for a lot of different reasons.  It’s not however something I think I would be good at.  I would love to find the house and find a buyer, but after that I’d be like, “OK. Now it’s time to make a phone call and let someone else mange this whole process.”  I’ve watched Sue and the hoops she’s jumped or the T(s) she’s crossed and I(s) she’s dotted, and people she’s confronted, and have known that it’s not the job for me.

I realized that my comment about “a dime a dozen” could have caused realtors I know to feel devalued.  I know several personally, and imagine they’re very good in their field.  They’re wonderful people with whom I’ve worked side by side or sat next to at games.  There are several I know in our community whose reputations are very good, and I suspect it’s because they’ve earned it.  Our landlord is a realtor, and I would imagine he’s as good a realtor as he is a landlord.

I was fortunate however, and once Sue began working with me, I never had to use another realtor.  Regardless of how many there are, if you’re good, you’re good. That sounds so much better.

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