We Officially Own a Home

Today we closed on our house. It is officially ours.  The sellers are renting it back from us until next weekend when we move in.  I am so excited to settle in to a home and find those measuring spoons!

Realtors are a dime a dozen. But my realtor is not a dime a dozen.  When I think of Jesus’ hands and feet, I think of the realtor He sent me.  She is beyond words the most wonderful asset in this whole process.  She’s shown me homes that she probably knew I wouldn’t or couldn’t buy.  With my deer in the headlights look, she’s explained things to me more times than a parent says NO to a child about to put their finger in a light socket. She’s begun the process of making an offer on a house over and over, and called it off with the lender when I’ve gotten cold feet and didn’t like the terms.  As time has marched on from the first contract house I bought with the seller, she’s hoped with me and prayed for me, that my credit would show improvement.  She’s walked me through lender requirements and scenarios, and brought me new lenders in the hopes that one lender would be more successful than the last.

Over the last five years of building up some type of credibility on my own, and with savings I’ve accrued between the sale of the house last July and monthly contributions, this lender finally approved a loan that I can live with, which means I’m not going to pay $300/month on mortgage insurance for eleven years. It does mean I’m using all of my savings, excluding retirement. It is scary on one hand, but I’m not afraid.

I am grateful for many things.  Among them is my realtor and friend, Sue Washinger.

Photos will surely follow.  Happy August 15th to us.

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  1. wash102
    wash102 says:

    You are too sweet! You are a dear friend and a pleasure to work with and always a blessing back to me! I am so happy for you!!! You got a great house in the area you prayed to be in so we give all the glory to God. XX00!

  2. wash102
    wash102 says:

    You are too kind Joni! You are so much fun to work with and I knew we would eventually find the RIGHT one! I loved every mint of it! So excited to see how you make it your own. XXOO!!


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