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Hi… Below is what I wrote about two years ago. I will edit this, but until I have time to do it right, I’ll leave it. I just posted for the first time in about a year (I Am So Happy). Writing is something I hope to incorporate into my life, but it’s had to take a back seat. Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll come visit another time. Hopefully my ABOUT ME and my site will be updated soon.


Hi. I’m Joni Frances Thurber.  I’ve got two beautiful children, ages 15 and 17.  We live together and are figuring life out after it changing drastically about five years ago after a divorce.  That’s not what this blog will be about. This blog is about a lot of different things, among them, being an outlet for me to exercise my joy of writing, and it also replaces a therapist.  There are times when this outlet saves me from further heartache, and my children from calamity.  That may or may not be funny to you, but I say that with all sincerity.

While this blog isn’t about how the kids and I wrestled through the change we faced five years ago, it is about us figuring out life on our own. It’s about successes and failures, about hopes and despair.  It’s about parenting tactics that work, and tactics that just plain flop. I’ll share with you insight I discover from other people, often after a Sunday morning at church.  I’ll share with you things that make my life easier, and things I want to invent to make my life easier.

This blog will evolve.  Along the way, I’ll evolve, and so will my children.  I hope you enjoy it. Let me know how you like it, what you learn from it, and what you think you could have lived without.  You might hurt my feelings, but not for too long. When I need to repair, I’ll write another post.  I never ever thought I’d be writing a blog.  But I also never ever thought I’d be doing most of what I do in my life. And to be more honest, I never ever thought about anything when I was young. I may not always be glad for where I am, but I am truly glad for who I am.  I thank Jesus for that perspective.





One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Dave Mahar says:

    Sorry to hear about your divorce Joni. How long were you married? Looks like you have 2 beautiful kids. I’m surprised you left the restaurant industry, you were so great at it! What are you up to now? If you’re looking for work, give Trader Joe’s a try. It’s very similar to working in a restaurant, except the menu is larger.
    How I found you? You know the internet, you do a few searches, and bang, there you were. Kind of frightening if someone wants privacy. So happy that you replied back.
    I moved to Hawaii in the late 80’s and was bartending when I met my wife, who was a server at a sister restaurant. Soon after, we moved to L.A. where I learned to be a dog trainer from a trainer named, Matthew Margolis. Four years later we moved to Las Vegas, where my dog business flourished. I was interviewed on t.v. and the newspaper. I was listed as the top dog trainer in the Best of Las Vegas publication. Things were going great, but then the economy took a nose dive, and luxary businesses were failing left and right, so I quit after almost 20 years of doing it. Now, I’m very happy working at Trader Joe’s.
    I don’t have a facebook page. I was very addicted early on and thought it best if I drop it. I do have a hotmail account though.


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